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Grateful for her Home on Grateful Way! Debbie’s Spotlight homeowner story!

Meet our newest Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity homeowner, Debbie M. She is a single mother to a successful daughter, self-motivator, career-driven woman who is a two-time cancer survivor.  Debbie came to Evergreen, CO to visit a dear friend in 1992, and ultimately fell in love with the scenery, opportunities, and mountain community.  She decided to completely change her course and move with her daughter (12 at the time) to the Evergreen area. 

After renting in the Evergreen area for 27 years, Debbie heard about Blue Spruce of Habitat for Humanity from Evergreen Christian Outreach (ECHO). This home means everything to Debbie, “A home is a place to make memories with family and friends.  I'm more than excited to have a place to again call my own and start making new memories.” She is excited to move into her house that is on “Grateful Way”, she finds the name fitting. 

Debbie enjoyed completing and exceeding the required 250 hours of sweat equity at the ReStore and helping with Blue Spruce Habitat’s Hard Hats and High Heels fundraising event. Debbie says, “I love raising money, I truly enjoyed the charity raising process, specifically generating donations for the Hard Hats and High Heels event.” 
“When Lisa came on staff, she worked diligently to make the Grateful Way house a possibility and reality of becoming my home.  I appreciate all her efforts and the time she took to listen to me throughout the process. She has been and is awesome!” Debbie says. “I currently work from home and being able to have my own home/workspace will have a positive impact on my life.”

Debbie absolutely loves to travel, spend time outdoors, enjoy television/movies, spend time with friends, family, especially her daughter and her dog. She is excited to get back to her daily walks through the mountainous town of Kittredge, which she has enjoyed for over 20 years. Debbie is more than excited to have her space to utilize for her passion for crafting, painting, and doing mosaics.

Welcome home Debbie! 

“I am overwhelmingly happy to have a place to call home! I am excited to be 
in my community again.” Debbie M, Blue Spruce Habitat homeowner! 

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