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Become a Homeowner

We are not accepting applications for our homeownership program at this time.

A decent, affordable home is an investment that lasts for generations. Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity homes are not free gifts – each family who partners with Habitat is making a personal and financial investment in their future. Read on to learn more about the process of becoming a homeowner. When you’re ready, begin by filling out the application here.

The following supporting documentation is required to be submitted with your completed application for consideration in our program:

1.  Credit report for all applicants including credit scores from all three reporting organizations(Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) and detail pages of that report.

2.  Two (2) full months pay stubs for all applicants.

3.  Two (2) full months of bank statements for all accounts

4.  Two (2) years of filed tax returns

5.  Two (2) years of W2s

To be eligible to purchase a home with Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity, potential homeowners must meet these three areas of qualification:

Need: Families often need a home because their current housing isn't viable. It may be overcrowded, too expensive, structurally unsound, or located in a dangerous neighborhood.

Ability to Pay: Habitat homes are not given away. They are sold to qualified homebuyers with an affordable mortgage. Each family must demonstrate steady income.of at least 1 year that falls within the income guidelines below.

Willingness to Partner: A family or individual must have the willingness to partner with Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity by investing Sweat Equity in their home and the homes of other partner families

In addition, potential homeowners must:

1. Be a legal permanent resident of the United States.
2. Have lived or worked in our service area for 12 out of the last 36 months. Our service area includes all of Clear Creek, the mountain area of Jefferson County, and Park County up to Kenosha Pass.
 Affiliates for other areas can be found here.
3. Have yearly income that falls within our income guidelines (refer to the income table below).
4. Have one year of continuous income.
5. Have a reasonably good credit history. It must be at least three years since you discharged any bankruptcies and dept payments must be current.
6. Partner with Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity and contribute "sweat equity," helping to build your home as well as other families' homes. Each adult in the household must complete a total of 250 hours. This includes participating in a series of workshops to revolving around financial education, hands-on maintenance training, future planning, and more

Blue Spruce Habitat offers its program to families in specific income ranges, adjusted for the number of persons in your family. Income includes wages, SS, disability, SSI, TANF, and child support. For our local Habitat, your total yearly gross household income must fall within the posted ranges below.

Family Size Minimum Maximum
One $30450 $66300
Two $34767 $75750
Three $39142 $85200
Four $43458 $94650
Five $46958 $102250
Six $50458 $109800
Seven $53900 $117400
Eight $57400 $124950

Ready to apply? Click the button below to take your first step towards home ownership and download our application!

Have any questions?
Please contact the Homeowner Services Committee at

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