You Are Eligible If You....

have serious housing needs dealing with such issues as; house structure, heating and plumbing problems, unsafe shelter, inadequate space, temporary housing, or unable to afford rent.

have lived or worked in the Mountain Communities of Jefferson(West of C-470), Clear Creek or Park Counties (to Kenosha Pass), in one of the past three years, and are a legal U.S. Resident.

are willing to partner with us to help build and maintain your home and your mortgage.

can meet initial eligibility requirements for Income (see chart), Willingness to Partner, and Residency

# In Family     Annual Income Range       # In Family       Annual Income Range

     1                 $20580-$35280                       5                  $31745-$54420

     2                 $23520-$40320                       6                  $34090-$58440

     3                 $26460-$45360                       7                  $36435-$62460

     4                 $29365-$50340                       8                  $38780-$66480



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