Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to helping low-income people realize their dreams of homeownership. See how we're making a difference.

FAQ-Home Pricing and Mortgage-

Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity – Frequently Asked Questions – Home Pricing, Mortgages

How are Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity’s homes priced? Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity obtains an independent appraisal from a licensed real estate appraiser. The home price is the appraised value.

How are the mortgages set? The first mortgage amount is based on what the homeowner can afford at 30% or less of their gross monthly income. The first mortgage will never exceed the appraised value. The lender determines what the monthly payment will be. Blue Spruce Habitat ensures that the monthly payment is 30% or less of the homeowners’ gross monthly income.

What if the first mortgage is less than the appraised value? Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity will put in place a second mortgage to prevent the homeowner from flipping the house.

Where do homeowner’s make their mortgage payment to? Habitat homeowner’s make their mortgage payments to their lender.

What are the terms of a Habitat homeowner’s mortgage? Habitat homeowner’s term of their mortgage are determined by the lender based on their qualifications.

What happens to the money from the homeowner’s mortgage? First, It is used to pay-off any construction loans on the property. If there is money left after any construction loans are paid, the money is used to further the mission of Habitat, i.e. build more homes.

Do grants or donations lower the amount of the mortgage? Grants and donations help us to build the home. With a limited number of exceptions, a grant or donation does not lower the mortgage amount as the mortgage amount is set at what the homeowner can afford.

How are Blue Spruce Habitat staff compensated? Blue Spruce Habitat staff are either salary or hourly employees. Blue Spruce Habitat staff members do not earn a commission or bonus on home prices or funds raised.

How are the books of Blue Spruce Habitat handled? Blue Spruce Habitat books are handled by an outside accounting firm. The Board of Directors review the financials of Blue Spruce Habitat monthly. Blue Spruce Habitat books are audited yearly by an Independent Auditor.

Where can I find Blue Spruce Habitat’s 990? It is on Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity’s website at under the financials tab. It also can be located on the Colorado Gives website.

New Home Construction

Two new single family homes will be constructed during the spring of 2018,one in Empire, CO and the other in Evergreen, CO

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